High quality. Durable. Safe


for children

A reliable manufacturer in Canada

We are NimoPlay, a Canadian playhouse manufacturing company fully committed to creating an environment that promotes learning in an interactive way.


We help parents and daycares to create a unique experience for kids between 1 to 6 years in which their imagination and creativity is never limited by terms of time or space. 

Our playhouse factory not only creates high quality products, but magical spaces that can be coloured time and time again and are powered by imagination.


Fun comes in many ways.



Marker friendly. 



We design and create very durable playhouses to ensure kids have uninterrupted days of fun.

Why choose us

As playhouse manufacturers, we offer experience and confidence in working with us to all our partners and customers because your total satisfaction is our main goal.

Stock availability

Ensure smart play time with designed and manufactured Canadian playhouses that children will create lasting memories with.

High quality

Deliver highest quality products that uphold our dedication to craftsmanship, and our passion for traditional and safe playing.

Fast shipping

Forget about delayed orders or inflated prices due to stuck containers. Easy and fast delivery to USA, under CUSMA protocols.

Playhouses for toddlers 100% Made in Canada

We believe in the competitiveness of creating long-term business with a Canadian owned and operated company to cut down dependency on countries like China and India for toy supplies.



no small pieces, rounded corners, no batteries or electricity.



5 years materials warranty,
product liability insurance.



Collapsible, easy to store, 
assemble and disassemble.



waterproof, washable, markers friendly and weather resistant.


Non toxic

made of corrugated plastic and non toxic materials.



We create sustainable products  in line with our values.

NimoPlay, your reliable
Playhouse Manufacturer

As with the rest of our products, our packaging is fully customizable.
As with the rest of our products, our packaging is fully customizable.
As with the rest of our products, our packaging is fully customizable.

At NimoPlay we are not only manufacturers, we are creativity boosters. We love giving children and parents the opportunity to have fun with our designs and playspaces created especially for their preferences and needs.

Our products come in different sizes and themes, and can be customized either for businesses or companies with their logos printed on the playspace.

We can also accommodate special, exclusive designs for distributors. From colours inside and outside, to the size of the unit, the possibilities are endless.

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Frequently asked questions

How many models do you have in stock?

We have 4 models ( Canadian igloo, Winter igloo, Violet house and Gingerbread house)

What is your delivery time?

Our estimated delivery time is 5 business days.

What is the wholesale minimum order quantity?

Our wholesale minimum order quantity is 20 units.

Is the product safe for children?

Yes. Our playhouses are completely safe. They are light, non toxic and no small pieces.